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Edouard Convictions Reinstated

On Friday the Iowa Supreme Court re-instated the trial court’s convictions of Patrick Edouard for violating Iowa’s Sexual Exploitation by a Counselor statute.

The Court began with a sad recitation of facts as a jury might have received them. According to witnesses, Rev. Edouard preached sermons that were “‘amazing,’ ‘great,’ and ‘dynamic.’ ‘He definitely could preach the word of God.’” But in private Continue reading


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Edouard Convictions Reversed

The Iowa Court of Appeals has reversed the Patrick Edouard convictions. Continue reading

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Church Freedom and Church Subjection to the Court

edouard testifyingAnyone considering the Bandstra v. Edouard petition might be concerned about how much a court can tell a church what it must do.  For example, can a court second-guess a church’s hiring and supervision of its pastor?  Can a court declare an elder’s moral assessment to be defamation?  We know there is a “separation of church and state,” be we also grant that pastors can be required to obey the speed limit and churches are justly liable for on-premises injuries due to an obviously dangerous condition.  Today we’ll take a look at how two courts have drawn the line between church freedom and church subjection.

In a 1997 case that arose from sexual activity between an adult woman and a priest who was giving her marriage counseling, the Maine Supreme Court considered a suit against the Catholic Church. Continue reading


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If the Defense Could Speak

To state the obvious, the petition against Patrick Edouard and others contains a number of allegations that may or may not be true, and may or may not be established in court regardless of whether they are true. So we have Plaintiff allegations that are of public record and we’re unlikely to see much in the way of public rebuttal by the Defendants. But if we could see some allegations and argumentsurcna-logo of the Covenant Reformed Consistory and the URCNA what might they look like? Today we’ll consider a number of them.

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Prominent Trial Attorney Sues Patrick Edouard, Consistory, URCNA

edouard captionProminent trial attorney Roxanne Conlin, who has successfully sued Microsoft for $75,000,000 in attorney fees, has been retained to sue former URCNA pastor Patrick Edouard, Covenant Reformed Church, the Consistory, individual members of the Consistory, and the URCNA. Mr. Edouard was previously convicted of counselor abuse charges but was acquitted on sexual abuse charges

The plaintiffs are attorney Valerie Bandstra, her husband Jason Bandstra, Anne Bandstra, and her husband Ryan Bandstra, who were all members of Covenant Reformed Church. Continue reading


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The Patrick Edouard Trial

Patrick Edouard, former URCNA pastor in Pella, Iowa, is currently on trial for multiple counts of sexual abuse and sexual exploitation by a counselor for incidents that occurred between January 1, 2003 and April 30, 2008.

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