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Pushing All Those Buttons, Making All That Noise

Give him credit: culture warrior Darrel Todd Maurina sure knows which buttons to push. Now he’s made three listserves (OPC, URC, and the Warfield List) blow up over 2k and civil unions. Not content to merely push the “gay” button, he’s just started pushing all of them:

Once we’ve done that, why not allow the contract to be between more than two people? Why not allow the contract to be between fathers and daughters, or mothers and sons, or brothers and sisters? Once abortion has been legalized to “take care of” problems caused by birth defects due to close relatives having children, is there any good secular reason why incest should be prohibited? How about polygamous marriages? And if we’re going to allow 16- and 17-year-old minors to contract marriages with parental consent, which is allowed for good reasons in many states, why not allow lower ages for a marriage contract with parental consent? (OPC list, August 16)

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Talking About Talking About 2K

Darrell Todd Maurina, publisher of the Pulaski County Daily, doesn’t have a blog but he regularly drops into the OPC Forum and the Warfield List, both Yahoo Groups.  Mr.  Maurina is wary of Two Kingdom thought (to put it mildly) and his arguments against 2k typically come down to contrasting 2k with his call for full engagement in the culture war against homosexual rights. 

No one is shocked that there is pushback on 2k but one does hope for principled argumentation.  We know Mr. Maurina publishes but does he deliver? He has recently offered a sound guideline for profitable discussion about 2k in saying “we need to try to understand each other. …we need to be clear about our differences. …  Clarity is not helped by slandering each other’s positions.” (August 9, 2012 OPC Forum)  But, wait, does this mean he has changed his mind?  Because last summer he said

For those who haven’t been following this issue, by a margin of just one vote, the Holland City Council rejected an ordinance which would have made it illegal to discriminate against homosexuals. [and later…] Get rid of this wicked two-kingdoms theology before it’s too late, or suffer the well-deserved consequences. Continue reading


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