Reformed in America Conference Now on Youtube

You can now see the Reformed in America conference.  Thanks to Imagineering Studios, Inc. for filming.



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10 responses to “Reformed in America Conference Now on Youtube

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  2. Richard

    Is there an audio download available to the conference as well?

  3. There’s a perfectly good reason for his tie selection: it’s the OPC tartan.
    He explains his tie somewhere, but I don’t know if it made the video or not.

  4. Did you notice the American flag? Interesting stage prop given the topic. Explanation: the sanctuary is not that of either sponsoring church.

    • Richard

      You were in a Lutheran church, I take it? I haven’t figured out why the American Lutherans are enamored of flags given the sorry history of the German church in WWII with the Nazi symbols. Living in Germany for a while, I never saw a German Lutheran church exhibiting the black-red-gold. Only in America.

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