Jenny Hearts Lightnin’

hop-folk-blues-superWhat would make a sensible Midwestern Presbyterian woman like the Blues?  It’s all about the sound of Lightnin’.  That would be Lightnin’ Hopkins, the prolific bluesman from Texas.

For what it’s worth, Rolling Stone lists Hopkins as the 71st best guitar player of all time, and humorously tells us “As unpredictable as John Lee Hooker, he seemed to be making it up as he
went along, and often was.”  Clearly Lightnin’ plays how Lightnin’ feels.
This first video has him playing the blues standard Goin’ Down Slow, the thoughts of a dieing man. “I have had my fun if I don’t get well no more … Please pray for me, Mama, forgive me for my sin.”

That’s all well and good, you say, but what about the lightning?  It’s true that, though Lightnin’ could go slow and low (like this), he’s most memorable for his uptempo style.  If you want to just hear it you can check out his Movin’ Out Boogie. If you want to see it as well, here’s a song with Lightnin’ doing a party song while just being adored by a young Jenny Joan Baez.

Here’s a discography; I especially like Lightnin’ in New York.


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5 responses to “Jenny Hearts Lightnin’

  1. Jenny

    What a hoot to see my new enthusiasm about Lightnin mentioned on this blog! With all my Midwestern sensibilities, I have to say I think Rolling Stone might’ve put him too far down on their list. His guitar playing is terrific. How is it this newfound interest in the Blues makes me happy?! What a kick.

  2. “the Blues makes me happy?!”

    Jenny, you “get” it! That’s exactly what happens.

  3. Can this guy be compared to Lightnin Hopkins? Probably not, it is like comparing theologians with philosophers!

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