Howlin’ Your Blues Away

Long week? Me too. Well, what you need is a little Howlin’ Wolf. Vocalist, harmonica player, comedian – he’s a treat, and you can’t help but smile. The setting in this one is odd – there are venetian blinds behind Wolf, like they were hanging around an office after it closed. He gives yet another definition of the blues, followed by the good stuff.

The next one is in more formal digs as he breaks out his falsetto “howl” while doing Smokestack Lightning. Here you begin to understand the following description:

Standing six-foot, six inches, and weighing close to 300 pounds, Howlin’ Wolf had a commanding stage presence that few who witnessed it could ever forget. Shouting in a voice born in the bottom of a gravel pit, whooping and hollering, furiously blowing into a harmonica over the wail of electrified instruments, Wolf was capable of bringing down the house while simultaneously “scaring its patrons out of their wits.


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3 responses to “Howlin’ Your Blues Away

  1. I love this man! Such a great musician, and what a voice!

  2. Can you still be a ruling elder in the OPC and listen to this stuff? It is good- what do they have that white people don’t have? Robert Pirsig knows- do you?

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