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Presbyterian Blues is one year and 113 posts old. It’s had about 31,000 page views. Now, a page view doesn’t necessarily represent thoughtful reading. Some views are for pictures and others are just skimming along from one page to the next. I’m guessing there’s a formula for determining the number of thoughtful readings per 1,000 hits, and if we applied the formula there’d be, oh, about eight in my first year. That’s eight more than the prior year, so I’m pumped. It constantly occurs to me that I’ll just run out of things to say or get tired of arguing, but it’s still fun.

If you go backstage on Word Press, there’s some fun blog data. One kind of data is on page views per country. Check out (below, left) a chunk of who has visited since February 25. It’s a curious list. Are there blues fans in Israel? Are there 2K’s in Ukkraine? Curious!

I’m never on the cutting edge. I still had a green monitor after color monitors came out, I’ve never had a new car, and I just bought my first flat screen. So it’s no surprise that I’ve just discovered bluesman Junior Kimbrough. I can’t top the description I’ve seen elsewhere: his style is hypnotic. It’s something new in the blues while keeping the deep blue vibe of Charley Patton, Robert Johnson, and John Lee Hooker. It’s a great retreat from the cold and commercial season we’ve entered.

From The Hill, “The White House is planning to promote a new Twitter hashtag — #My2k — that represents the estimated $2,200 by which middle-class families would see their taxes increase, on average, if Congress fails to extend the Bush-era tax rates.” I would have grabbed #My2k first, but, remember, I’m never on the cutting edge.


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10 responses to “Odds & Ends

  1. MikeInIowa

    Wow. Congratulations. It would be interesting to find out if there are 2kers over in Ukraine.
    Was thinking of putting Erik to the test, but maybe I should put it to you. What is your take on the recent Lotto fever with regards to a 2k viewpoint? I’ve heard of the evils of the Lottery preached from the pulpit on one hand while seeing in articles that many winners end up giving some of their earnings to their church. I personally hate the lottery/casino, not so much for the gambling side, but because of the cash cow it has become for the government. And yes, I understand the addiction arguments as well, that can be applied to drinking (or anything else it seems).

    • I’m reminded of a former member of our church who was in line with his young son in a convenience store. At the front of the line was a man buying a lottery ticket. The son asked “Dad, what is that man doing?” The father replied. “Well, son, he’s paying his taxes!”

      Folks in my office get together to buy tickets from time to time. I offered to take their money and pay them back 60 cents per dollar, which is 60 cents more than they will otherwise earn. I’m not sure they were highly amused by my offer.

      I know there are arguments against gambling (that it is sin) based on a concept of self-theft and another based on the idea that money should be earned. I don’t find them convincing. I’ve never bought a lottery ticket, but I might, and if I did I don’t think it would be sin. If lottery tickets / gambling become an unrestrained passion or a significant diversion of income then maybe you start calling it a sin problem.

      So you didn’t win yesterday’s Lotto, huh?

      • MikeInIowa

        I think were on the same page here. In regard to your question, no, I didn’t win. Can’t win if you don’t play, right? But I have paid my taxes through them a time or two, but mainly through the slot machine route years ago.

  2. sean

    Since this an Odds and Ends piece, I’d like to hijack it briefly to say: Popovich has Tiger blood coursing through him. Who else could hit Stern in the back of the head and make Stern look boorish in response. Brilliant. Sorry, I’m done.

    • Sean, I don’t know if you recall the article about Tim Duncan’s control freak tendencies? http://www.theonion.com/articles/tim-duncan-urges-allstars-to-use-inside-voice-duri,19243/

      I really wish I could trash talk you and the Spurs, but they’re my favorite basketball organization not named the Boston Celtics. It’s a good move by Pop – there could be a fine, but his players rest and they know Coach has their backs. Speaking of having someone else’s back, Rondo just got in Krissie Humphrey’s face. Rondo was giving up about 8 inches in height but Humphrey back pedaled like a clown on a unicycle. All the talk is about Rondo’s maturity but he had Garnett’s back, and that might be more important in the long run.

  3. sean


    I remember the article. Funny, being Irish catholic growing up, my teams were the Boston Celtics and Notre Dame football. Notre Dame football remains(some mighty slim years). I was majorly bummed after Len Bias died and didn’t follow the NBA much ’till the Spurs canned Bob Hill and Pop and David tanked the season and they had a shot to get the ‘highest rated big man’ (better talent and skill level than Shaq) to come out of college since ever. My brother and I hedged our bets and bought season tickets hoping they’d get Duncan and Wah Lah, C.I.A. Pop rigged that ping pong ball just for us.

    Rondo apparently adores K.G. K.G. got embarrassed so many times in the playoffs by Duncan and then acted a fool, it’s hard for me to care much for him. But, he’s one of those guys you love if he’s on your team.

    • I get that others don’t like KG, but he remains one of the elite players in terms of his impact on team perfomance. He anchors the defense, barks at his team mates to get them in position, and, at the end of last season had gaudy +/- numbers. He and Duncan were vitually identical in their team impact in the last playoffs. If you then throw in the drop off when KG left the floor, he’s about as valuable as anyone. The problem this year is that Doc is committed to playing him 28 minutes a game, and the rest of the guys aren’t entirely on the same page yet.

      Did Boston College get on your radar as a good Catholic team? I was sitting in a hospital emergency room when Flutie threw the hail Mary to beat Bernie Kosar & friends. The emergency room just exploded when that happened. I forget why I was there – maybe the wife was about to have our first child or somethin’.

    • I was getting out of my car at the corner of William Street and Forest Ave. in Portland, Maine, when I heard that Len Bias died. He was the going to be the core of the next geat Celtics team. Then Reggie Lewis died. It was a long time between Bird and KG.

      Reggie Lewis blocking MJ 4 times in a game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ni7t4swtdYw

  4. sean

    Boston College is a rival of Notre Dame and they’re Jesuits. Plus, no explicit Irish reference or colors which means a lot when your five and learning what it is to be proud of being Irish and why you hate the English protestants. You woulda thought we were fresh off the boat or sumpin’.

    K.G. has been a lot more effective in the East and he’s matured quite a bit as he’s gotten older. Still, I’m not as much a sports fan as a fan of particular teams, so, I don’t see him play much anymore. I’ll take your word for it. Doc’s a really good coach, I figured the drop off would be more after Thibedau left, but he’s kept that group moving right along. They’re just like the Spurs in that they’ve got to preserve knees and backs for the playoffs, and see if they can be healthy and get on a run. Pop has finally decided that Bonner and Blair are bad matchups in the playoffs so, we’re all watching to see if Kawhi Leonard and Splitter can develop enough to give them a chance against the youth and length of OKC or Memphis’ size. I don’t see the Lakers being there at the end of the year, and again we would request that somebody in the ‘black and blue East’ take a 2×4 to Lebron’s knee/s. He’s freaky.

  5. sean

    The 30/30 on Bias brought back memories. I had remembered the part about Bird planning to go to summer camp with the Rookies because he wanted to start playing alongside Bias now. It was reminiscent of David Robinson cutting short his summer vacation and inviting Duncan up to Colorado to start training and working on his game. Two weeks into the ‘camp’ Robinson declares to the newspaper that Timmy is already better than him offensively on both sides of the block and then Timmy runs into Barkley(Houston Rockets) in preseason and Barkley says he’s the best player since Jordan and he’s unguardable. It was eerily similar to the expectations everyone had of Bias, and both times they were blows that directly impacted the fortune of the Celtics. That’s some tough providence.

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