City on a Hill – Todd Akin

Rep. Todd Akin speaks on the “city on a hill” for about two minutes starting at 50:01.  Included are references to Reagan’s use of “city on a hill,” John Winthrop, and A Model of Christian Charity.  Read Matthew 5:14-15 and you tell me if Rep. Akin is using it as was intended in the Sermon on the Mount.  Oh, and he also mentions a ship called The Lion and that “they” wrote the Model.  Rep. Akin needs to work on his history as well.


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8 responses to “City on a Hill – Todd Akin

  1. No, I’d have to say this is an illegitimate reading of Matthew. Bada-bop.

    PS, more like 51.01.

  2. Richard

    Oh, boy, and the guy is a member of a PCA congregation. My denomination.

    • Yes, but he is a politican after all. I try to be realistic, so I expect boys to engage in potty humor and I expect politicians to engage in insubstantial rhetoric. And if those are the alternatives, maybe potty humor is underrated.

  3. Richard

    I expect you’re a swell dad of boys. Me? If a were a ruling elder in his church, I would have slapped him–for that, and making dumb remarks about rape.

    • Funny you should mention that. This week my son and the other elder’s son exhanged punches outside their Sunday School room. A young woman was horrified by it, but we parents just shrugged our shoulders, knowing they’ll be friends again next week. There’s some truth to “boys will be boys.” So I tend to think “politicians will be politicians.”
      Levity aside, Richard, do you really think elders should admonish a politican under their oversight for this kind of thing?

  4. Richard

    Now James Pinkerton in the “American Conservative” quotes Winthrop’s “sermon.” Sheesh. Where next?

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