Confidential Note to “Mike In Iowa”

Mike, I thought of doing another blog entry on Iowa biking, but it would be unseemly to brag about all this fun twice within a week, so I’ll just tell you about my ride this morning. This was a forty – five mile loop from Birdland Marina to Big Creek; I like to call it the “Big Bird” Loop. The ride begins in Des Moines in the marina across the street from the park with the old fashioned merry-go-round and that huge metal slide you would never see in a modern playground. As you head north, look for the prominent driftwood in the middle of the river – there will often be a Great Blue Heron nearby.

When you get near Saylorville Lake the path will have a number of ascents, but most are quick and fun on the downside. One hill will turn your legs to jelly. You’ll pass by the lake and through campgrounds on the way to your destination near the public beach where there’s a little dock. Roll your bike down the dock, take off your helmet, and eat your energy bar for the trip back.

The wildlife menu will include deer, of course, but maybe turkey as well. This morning I saw a family of turkeys near the lake and then a flock of maybe fifteen back in Des Moines. Why don’t squirrels take the shortest route off the trail?

Anyway, do this trip before the fall leaves cover the path. Enjoy!

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One response to “Confidential Note to “Mike In Iowa”

  1. MikeInIowa

    Unseemly to talk about biking in Iowa? No way. It is one of the few things left that have rhymn and reason.
    I believe I rode part of that on my way to Ankeny to hit the High Trestle last fall. I did not go up to the beach but turned east towards town on what road I cannot recall. I know the “jelly leg” hill you’re refering to. Near the dam, right?
    That was a very nice, calm morning that turned into a windy gusty day out of the northwest, which was no big deal until the High Trestle Trail. I fought that wind all the way to Woodward, then tried to call my wife to come get me as I wwas spent. Luckily, no cell reception, so I saved face and gutted it out to Waukee with a beautiful tail wind that was only marginally enjoyable due to being beat up so much while facing it. I havent ridden that far (80 miles) since. Thanks for the note!!

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