Presbyterian Cyclist Update

Law & Order on the Trestle Trail

It seems the same deputy who was the star of Police Chase Presbyterian Cyclist  has been quite agressive in bringing law and order to the High Trestle Trail in central Iowa.  A local school teacher explains :

 “Did you stop?” he asked. Again, since we were sitting fully stopped at the sign, I thought his behavior was ridiculous, harassing and disrespectful, and my “no-tolerance-of-injustice” streak is tugging at me,  but I answered politely: “Yes.”

“Were you going to stop?”

He’s killing me! Now I’m being harranged for something an officer suspected I might/might not do?…

Suddenly I hear a commotion behind me. I turn from where I am stopped and see the deputy in his car racing down the trail to chase me down!! I feared for a moment he was going to run me over, but he did stop, leave his vehicle (which has never yet engaged its red lights of arrest), and charged up so close to me, I can feel his breath. I stand in shock. “Just what is it you think you are doing today?” he asked.

“I’m just trying to enjoy a bike ride on a beautiful trail.”

“Well,” he sneered. “I’m about to rain on your parade.” Wow. He went to his car, and 30 minutes later emerged with two tickets: one for failure to stop at a stop sign ($100), and another for failure to comply with a police officer’s orders ($200). Double Wow. As I protested a steep fine for doing nothing wrong, he threatened to impound my bike and take me to jail!

For his ultrazealotry, the deputy has been compared to the intrepid Barney Fife by editorial cartoonist “Duffy,” as you can see above.


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2 responses to “Presbyterian Cyclist Update

  1. MikeInIowa

    Saw this story on channel 8. They said they had a lawyer who had had a run in with this same guy. That made me wonder if that was you, but leaning toward probably not.

    • Mike, I think it’s someone else. I know there was a biker-lawyer who said he would represent her in court. BTW, make sure you have that $10 permit if you go out towards Waukee, Adel, Greenfield and beyond, because I got pulled over and asked if I had one.

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