Something Worse than Blogging

Watching Track Meets? Not Worse than Blogging

Compliments of Ms. Blue, I’ve discovered that there is, indeed, something worse than blogging. But first, there are some things that aren’t worse than blogging. Taking Son Blue to Tae Kwon Do is not worse than blogging. Neither is watching the track meets of Daughter Two Blue or attending the softball games of Daughter Three Blue. Also, zipping down bike trails isn’t as bad as blogging as long as I don’t do a face plant like I did last year.

So what’s worse than blogging? Playing Words with Friends would be a level down per Wife Blue. Although Daughter Two Blue reminds me that Words With Friends is so last year, I’ve had some pretty spirited games with anonymous people from who-knows-where. Having said that, it does give me pause that I got beat by someone called “TheNameisMittens.” I guess she could be a nine-year-old in North Dakota for all I know, but she plays a mean game of scrabble.   

Anyway, I’m still here and will be back blogging now that I know it’s not rock-bottom for Ms. Blue.


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2 responses to “Something Worse than Blogging

  1. MikeInIowa

    Shoot me a line when you’re not blogging and doing all that other stuff. Let’s hit the High Trestle Trail and get us in an eighty miler.

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