Why I Like Presbytery

{Not an actual OPC Presbytery}

1. I average 3.4 hearty laughs per Presbytery meeting.

2. Everything I ever learned about Robert’s Rules I learned at Presbytery.

3.  Even when I’ve disagreed with final votes I’ve never suspected they were politically or factionally motivated.

4. The level of debate is so high that I really listen and sometimes change my mind.

5. It’s one place where the next generation of pastors is well-counseled and well-examined. 

6. It’s a reliable level of accountability and appeal from our local church.

7. What’s the point of being Presbyterian if you aren’t either going to Presbytery or getting reports about Presbytery?

8. Good, or at least loud, singing.

9. It’s good to see that Presbyters are not spending too much money on their clothes.

10. Only one person says “exciting” a lot.

11. Motions to adjourn are undebatable. Yup, it’s good to be there and it’s good to leave. Funny, that.

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