Escondido Framed

For those of you drawn more by “Presbyterian” than “blues,” John Frame has recently blasted Westminster Seminary California in his book The Escondido Theology. I’m not a close follower of Frame, having been mystified (not in a good way) years ago by his Evangelical Reunion and then more recently bumping into his interesting (as we say in the Midwest) view of the regulative principle of worship.

Included in his book are bullet points purported to describe Escondido Theology.  The response from Escondido?

All of us on the faculty of Westminster Seminary California are shocked and saddened by John Frame’s book, The Escondido Theology.  …We are very troubled…to find John so utterly misrepresenting and misstating our views.. . . all of us on the WSC faculty wish to state clearly that we reject all [emphasis added] of these thirty-two points as a fair or accurate presentation of our views.

For the most part, I’ll let others battle this one out, but clearly Frame presents a distorted view of Two Kingdom thinking, and, unfortunately, will be stirring up misinformed rhetoric from his partisans rather than the principled discussion that is so much needed.


Michael Horton’s response

D. G. Hart: Frame, Escondido, Worship

D. G. Hart: Is the Gospel Sufficient to Govern Culture?

Green Baggins: Review of the Escondido Theology

Green Baggins: Chapter 1 Part One: The Law-Gospel Distinction


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