Tom Brady Exposes the Warrior-Evangelicals

Columnist Bob Ryan , a holdover from the glory days of the Boston Globe sports page, wrote an article on the Patriots’ victory over the Broncos. It was 80% or more about the Patriots, but he made a few references to the Denver quarterback. He didn’t mention the quarterback’s name – preferring to call him “the left-handed quarterback” – but said he “looked like the guy who was lucky to complete a 5-yard pass during the month of December.” He concluded his article with “As the lefthanded quarterback might say, perhaps the Man Upstairs has made them [the Patriots] His company team.”

On a related matter, did you see the recent poll in which 43% believe Tim Tebow’s success is due to divine intervention? (Meaning, I guess, that 42% of the population is Eeevangelical. But what about the other 1%?) They must have all been reading Bob Ryan because their comments prompted a follow-up column featuring the following description of what they said:

It was all summed up in a communication I received from a woman in Boca Raton, Fla., who claims to be a PhD (she didn’t say in what field). I quote it in its entirety: “Exposed? You are the one exposed. Wrath of God. May the Lord of all creation tear you apart.’’

…The religiously oriented vitriol that has come my way was amusing. I guess, in some eyes, humor and spirituality can’t mix. Unlike these people, I have encountered some very witty priests, ministers, and rabbis in my time.

All of which is to say that, in a way, Patriot quarterback Tom Brady exposed both the Bronco defense and the Warrior-Evangelical lack of humor. Work on that guys, would ya?

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