K.I.S.S.ing Tebow

Let’s Keep It Simple:

1)   He’s a celebrity. He’s witnessing in his workplace.  Sunday church attendance is not vital. He’s ultra-American.  All in all,  he’s an embodiment of the evangelical ideal.

2) I don’t envy anyone who has to live his life as  a symbol.

3)   He’s young.  Most of us would like a few replays of what we did in our twenties. Maybe he will, too. But he seems like a good kid.

4)   Once after Tebow was sacked, his opponent mocked him with a kneeling “Tebow.” Tebow’s response: “He was probably just having fun and was excited he made a good play and had a sack. And good for him.” Well said, Tim.

5)   At some point a journalist is likely to find some reason to do a moral “gotcha” piece on Tebow.  Some will rejoice when it happens.

Five points; that’s a nice number.  In conclusion and from a pure football point of view,  he’s had a nice run in Denver, but he’s going to be exposed by Bill Belichick this Sunday. When that happens, you have permission to rejoice if your team is in the AFC West or if you’re a Pats partisan.


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5 responses to “K.I.S.S.ing Tebow

  1. The Bears look terrible without Cutler and Forte. Tebow did come through in the clutch but he did not look very good for the first 3 quarters. The Bears defense held them good but Marion Barber made 2 huge costly mistakes (a fumble and running out of bounds). I think you might be right about Belichek and the Pats putting the Broncos and Tebow in their place. Tom Brady did give a rather humble and self effacing interview after his spat with his offensive coordinator on the sidelines when he threw that interception. I was surprised at what he said in the interview about his having to be coachable too, even as a wily veteran who is married to a hot model (sometimes that stuff goes to their head

  2. I could not finish my remark again. He also had some good things to say about Tebow but they all compliment their opponents before they play them these days. I was really surprised with Brady and his seeming humility.

  3. Sorry about all the comments MM, I noticed your blogging for the Outhouse too these days. You seem to be getting more action there than here. I am just trying to cause some dialog.

  4. 3821, have you tried posting from more than one computer? My test didn’t show a problem and the wordpress admins say there is no limitation.
    Alas, I have little more to say about a sport that is mostly on Sundays.

  5. I know you don’t MM, but you posted the blog. I attend Church every Sunday but we do not have the double services like you guys do. And I respect your interpretations of the Lord’s day.

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